ICube Montessori History

With the keen interest in learning we fell for the Montessori education concept the moment we happen to hear about it from a friend. Within no time Pooja (Founder & Director) joined the Montessori course in Hyderabad.

history add 3After the course she joined a school, but to our despair, we could not find one school which taught the true Montessori concepts and imparted knowledge to maximize the child's intellect and experience of learning.

And this is how and when we thought that we have to start a complete Montessori school based on the findings of Dr. Maria Montessori and give each child the opportunity he deserves to learn, grow and imagine things.

Icube Montessori school formerly known as "Little Steps Montessori School" was started in 2004 in Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra. After 7 years of success we now decided to expand our horizons and move to Pune starting 2012.

There are many schools you can choose from as parents for your child but all we would say is that this is one decision that shapes your child's future forever. So put a lot of thought and research into it and then decide whats best for your child.

Visit us and we will be more history 2 than happy to take you through our classroom sessions where you see the children in action. You will observe the keenness, patience and sincere effort, each of our staff puts in to help create and enhance the future your child believes in. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this knowledge and experience with you and your little one.

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